About ateliervk


“A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.“ – Mark Rothko –

It’s about the colors. 

| Modern art in expressive colors & abstract forms |

Farbe im Focus.

| Moderne Kunst in expressiven Farben & abstrakten Formen |

Color is power. Happy colors. Creating happiness. Making the world a more colorful place. Painting as an expression & experience.

#happycolors #abstractacrylart #abstractart #acrylart #creating #ateliervk

#timeless #contemporary #abtract

Handmade by the artist.

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Get in touch and DM if you would like to have. Welcome to some commission work according to your ideas on favourite colours!

In my professional life I’m a human relations enthusiast, also check out my blog: www.able4change.com

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